Over the past couple of years bachelorette parties have become the new hot trend. That trend is so popular in Palm Springs right now and I LOVE IT! At first I was skeptical of the whole bachelorette photo-shoot idea. I had so many questions on how would it go, what is expected, and what are the girls going to expect. Needless to say that went away very quickly when I started taking bachelorette parties!

Getting e-mails along the lines of, “I’m renting out an Airbnb house for the weekend, want to get the girls together for a bachelorette party, and take some Instagram/Pinterest worthy photos.”
It was for the most part a social media sharing frenzy party, but has since transformed into surprising the bride-to-be with a photo-shoot. Having the coolest and sometimes funniest details scattered throughout the house and pool area. Like pineapples, male specific straws and confetti poppers, palm tree and flamingo drink stirrers. I will never pass up a good Flamingo pool floaty!

This is the perfect opportunity to capture all of your best girls together before the big wedding day. Having those memories of, “remember that time we did “bride-to-be-name” bachelorette party in Palm Springs! OMG it was so much fun!”

It doesn’t have to turn into a big expectation or over the top pool party. Just set a date, grab your best girlfriends, and head to Palm Springs for a “we killed it” weekend.

For Lauren, this was exactly the type of bachelorette party she was hoping for. All of her best girls by her side, for a long weekend getaway filled with favorite girl movies, playing music by the pool and working on that tan, going out for Margaritas and dancing the night away. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect girls weekend getaway?

What made this bachelorette photo-shoot different from all the rest was the bride-to-be style. Wearing a gorgeous white lace gown with some attitude lipstick. Having an entire basket filled with props to take photos with, to ensure the girls had all the tools necessary to be themselves. Inside jokes constantly, laughing at the prospect of the events for the night, and just being girls.
No responsibilities, no worrying about what you have to do tomorrow or for work, just hanging out and making memories.