I am very excited to share my time with the wonderful and beautiful: Kristin. She wanted to get lifestyle portraits done for her website and blog! Currently, Kristin serves as the editor of DESERT Magazine, which is a local magazine for Palm Springs. It incorporates fashion and what is going on in the valley, very cool! Kristin is from Orange County and decided to make the move to Palm Springs, and boy is Palm Springs lucky to have this one. Let me be the first to tell you all how amazingly creative this woman is. She has a vision and a dream for just about everything in her life and is a pretty inspiring individual.

Kristin graduated from North Western University with a bachelors in journalism and a masters in creative writing. It is awesome how she is living out her dreams every single day. In fact, she has some amazing tattoos that remind her just how precious each day is, and the true importance of living every day with intention and purpose. This is something we could all learn to remember from her. She enjoys telling other people’s stories both through visual aspects, such as photography, and creative writing. I can relate to this and I absolutely love working with another creative mind while doing what I love to do. Besides being an inspiring writer she also shows off her creativity with her taste in fashion! She loves shopping for vintage clothing and totally pulls this look off. It is unique, just like her fun-loving personality.

While taking her headshot during her lifestyle session, we both could agree that there is something really special about the desert landscape that was around us. We stopped by the ACE Hotel and then ventured out into the Palm Springs Mountains for more adventuring. We were still able to catch some of the super blooms we had, too! We appreciated being able to wander and get lost in the desert. Growing up, experiences like this helped me find out who I really was and wanted to be. So, to be able to take some pictures in the desert has us feeling like we have come full circle as we are both so happy in life. That’s pretty wonderful. There is nothing better than hiking into the wilderness to do a little soul searching every once in awhile.

I loved capturing Kristin’s infectious smile and showing off her personality and fabulous style through her photos! If you can’t already tell, I enjoyed spending time with this girl-boss and I hope you all enjoyed her photos as well. Kristin has such a great outlook on life that I think we could all take some pointers on. Follow your dreams and keep making new ones!