We have some exciting news to share with everyone. After multiple conversations, deliberations, and thoughts…my husband, Nick, has decided to take a new job. A new job offer that would not only change our lives for the better, but will create a new space to explore together. A place we have both never been before where we can forge new memories and create a new home. With that all being said, lol, Nick has taken a job offer with the U.S. Forest Service! I couldn’t be happier for him to have a job that he loves, exploring the mountains, and protecting our lands natural resources. (little tear) I couldn’t be prouder.


So I’m sure you are wondering where exactly we are moving to. The good news is nothing is going to change business wise. I am still coming to Palm Springs and Southern California to do my weddings and lifestyle sessions. Which I am super grateful for.  Nick and I are moving to Las Vegas, Nevada. Viva Las Vegas baby! So if anyone is going to be in the area, we would love to host you, stay with us, go see shows, go to the famous strip. Send me a e-mail, text, or heck, even call me and let’s get together.


That’s right! I’ve spend the last four years, building my photography business from scratch. No trust fund, no network connections, just a dream, a passion, and the perseverance to reach my goals. When I set my mind to something, nothing is going to stop me until I reach that goal, whatever it may be. Like getting the house cleaned, putting myself out there and meeting with new vendors, planning out my social media (the struggle is real, am I right?).
Spending 10-12 hour days in the office, hustling to try to make my dream a full-time reality. My husband has sacrificed a lot for me to pursue my dream, date nights, vacations, visiting family, you name it! It is now time for me to focus on my husbands dreams so that we can both live a life with passion, integrity, and doing what we love, everyday.


Okay so I have been getting a lot of messages over the past few days, “where did you go, why did you move, etc.” Well now you all know. Nick and I have moved to Las Vegas so that he can pursue his dream job of Conservation Law Enforcement. Sounds like a big title, but basically means roaming the mountains and protecting the natural resources (we have left anyway!).

To all of my current and future clients, do not worry. I am literally driving back and forth between Las Vegas and Southern California almost on a weekly basis. The long desert drive may get tiring, but being able to serve my clients does not. I will drive 4+ hours to capture your life’s special moments, I will hop on a plane, get a hotel and rental car, whatever it takes! I want to share that special day with you!

I wanted to give a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that has been supporting me through this transition phase. I couldn’t live my dream without each and every one of you supporting me emotionally, online, through workout sessions, etc.
I know it will be for the best in the long run for me and my family. I am not going anywhere I am just merely expanding my reach. lol.

So with all that being said, come to Las Vegas, come visit me, or if not me, a free place to crash and enjoy what the city has to offer.

photo credit: Kathleen Geiberger

Ashley Portraits7094_


Over the past couple of years bachelorette parties have become the new hot trend. That trend is so popular in Palm Springs right now and I LOVE IT! At first I was skeptical of the whole bachelorette photo-shoot idea. I had so many questions on how would it go, what is expected, and what are the girls going to expect. Needless to say that went away very quickly when I started taking bachelorette parties!

Getting e-mails along the lines of, “I’m renting out an Airbnb house for the weekend, want to get the girls together for a bachelorette party, and take some Instagram/Pinterest worthy photos.”
It was for the most part a social media sharing frenzy party, but has since transformed into surprising the bride-to-be with a photo-shoot. Having the coolest and sometimes funniest details scattered throughout the house and pool area. Like pineapples, male specific straws and confetti poppers, palm tree and flamingo drink stirrers. I will never pass up a good Flamingo pool floaty!

This is the perfect opportunity to capture all of your best girls together before the big wedding day. Having those memories of, “remember that time we did “bride-to-be-name” bachelorette party in Palm Springs! OMG it was so much fun!”

It doesn’t have to turn into a big expectation or over the top pool party. Just set a date, grab your best girlfriends, and head to Palm Springs for a “we killed it” weekend.

For Lauren, this was exactly the type of bachelorette party she was hoping for. All of her best girls by her side, for a long weekend getaway filled with favorite girl movies, playing music by the pool and working on that tan, going out for Margaritas and dancing the night away. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect girls weekend getaway?

What made this bachelorette photo-shoot different from all the rest was the bride-to-be style. Wearing a gorgeous white lace gown with some attitude lipstick. Having an entire basket filled with props to take photos with, to ensure the girls had all the tools necessary to be themselves. Inside jokes constantly, laughing at the prospect of the events for the night, and just being girls.
No responsibilities, no worrying about what you have to do tomorrow or for work, just hanging out and making memories.


Jillian and Matt are originally from Phoenix, Arizona but had the chance to come out to Palm Springs for a weekend getaway. Something that they enjoy doing together, while having their engagement photo session with me! How fun is that? Jillian actually met Matt at a James Blake Concert through a mutual friend from law school, and a year later moved out to Los Angeles, where Matt joined her. They recently moved back to Arizona and are now getting to share lots of amazing memories in the beautiful Arizona desert in their new home with the company of their golden doodle named Fritz! Jillian is a trial/jury consultant for a firm in Los Angeles, but now works remotely, while Matt works for his family business, an automation distributor company. What do they love to do when they’re not working? They love trying new restaurants together, hiking, watching movies, and most importantly, eating pizza! Who doesn’t love a good pizza, am I right? They are very excited for their wedding, which will be held at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, and I cannot wait!

For our session we stopped by the Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs for some bright color inspiration I thought would be perfect for them. It is obvious that these two are extremely adventurous, lively individuals who love life, so it is only fitting that we incorporated some fun colors during their engagement session. Jillian and Matt are a very fun-loving couple, who clearly had a wonderful time showing off their love and enjoying the sunshine of Palm Springs! After our time at the Saguaro Hotel, we then wandered the streets of Mid-Century modern Palm Springs homes, where we came across some pretty amazing places and captured some adorable moments of the lovely couple. I really enjoyed spending time with these two and feeding off of their excitement that they had for not only one another, but also life. Engagement sessions are always a fun moment because it is something that the couple will never forget, and creates something they can always look back on. The photos from this session only make me love Palm Springs even more, with it’s vibrant colors, natural glow on the desert landscape, and many more special hidden gems that it has to offer. I feel blessed to be able to capture such happy times in such beautiful and unique places.


I am very excited to share my time with the wonderful and beautiful: Kristin. She wanted to get lifestyle portraits done for her website and blog! Currently, Kristin serves as the editor of DESERT Magazine, which is a local magazine for Palm Springs. It incorporates fashion and what is going on in the valley, very cool! Kristin is from Orange County and decided to make the move to Palm Springs, and boy is Palm Springs lucky to have this one. Let me be the first to tell you all how amazingly creative this woman is. She has a vision and a dream for just about everything in her life and is a pretty inspiring individual.

Kristin graduated from North Western University with a bachelors in journalism and a masters in creative writing. It is awesome how she is living out her dreams every single day. In fact, she has some amazing tattoos that remind her just how precious each day is, and the true importance of living every day with intention and purpose. This is something we could all learn to remember from her. She enjoys telling other people’s stories both through visual aspects, such as photography, and creative writing. I can relate to this and I absolutely love working with another creative mind while doing what I love to do. Besides being an inspiring writer she also shows off her creativity with her taste in fashion! She loves shopping for vintage clothing and totally pulls this look off. It is unique, just like her fun-loving personality.

While taking her headshot during her lifestyle session, we both could agree that there is something really special about the desert landscape that was around us. We stopped by the ACE Hotel and then ventured out into the Palm Springs Mountains for more adventuring. We were still able to catch some of the super blooms we had, too! We appreciated being able to wander and get lost in the desert. Growing up, experiences like this helped me find out who I really was and wanted to be. So, to be able to take some pictures in the desert has us feeling like we have come full circle as we are both so happy in life. That’s pretty wonderful. There is nothing better than hiking into the wilderness to do a little soul searching every once in awhile.

I loved capturing Kristin’s infectious smile and showing off her personality and fabulous style through her photos! If you can’t already tell, I enjoyed spending time with this girl-boss and I hope you all enjoyed her photos as well. Kristin has such a great outlook on life that I think we could all take some pointers on. Follow your dreams and keep making new ones!


February 10, 2017. It is a time that speaks romance with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, and couples worldwide express their love to one another remember their dedication and commitment to their partner. Why did I mention February 10th, do you ask? It was a day that I felt the love, specifically from a couple I am excited to share about: Laura and Don. These two love each other in a way that is so simple. The portraits taken in this shoot were in the breath-taking spot of La Quinta Country Club, often featuring the huge mountain-scape behind them. Absolutely beautiful!

Their vision for a wedding was to be intimate with their closest friends and family. Their wedding was planned to be not only the coming together of their own marriage, but also the coming together of two loving families. This is exactly what the perfect day was for everyone there. During preparation for the wedding, Laura and Don were really hoping that Laura’s mother would be able to attend the wedding, considering the medical condition that she was in at the time of their engagement. Laura’s mom was able to attend the wedding, and was extremely excited to be there. These two are very positive, and light hearted people who obviously love each other and the ones close to them. The reception was filled with lots of laughter and kind hearted people. Everyone was incredibly sweet and supportive for the two lovebirds!

Laura is very fun and energetic to work with. I would definitely describe her as a bubbly spirit with an infectious smile! She was a truly elegant bride whose main agenda was to spend the day with the people she loves most in this world! She wasn’t worried about any of the little wedding details (and she looked BEAUTIFUL), and if people were arriving on time, etc. Her new husband, Don, is absolutely hilarious and kept the fun energetic vibe of the entire night. The happy groom told a joke and it kept the entire wedding party and attendees laughing the entire evening. Don kept the dance floor going with his particular interest in classic 80s rock songs! Totally awesome.

A moment that I will not forget, was the truly heartfelt speech that Don’s daughter gave to her dad and new step-mother. It was heartfelt, emotional, and perfect. I definitely shed a tear during that one! Laura is such a fun person to work with and gives off a confidence and love for life that I found really amazing to be around! In her new step daughter’s speech, she told the story of her time after college, and feeling that she did not know where to take her life (A feeling that many people find themselves having after a big transition such as finishing college). What made everyone’s heart feel wonderful was when she mentioned that Laura opened her with welcoming arms and helped her build a life to be proud of.

This day was filled with love and happiness and reminded me how precious it is to have your family experience this big moment for two people getting married. I am excited for your journey ahead, Laura and Don, and see a lifetime of laughs and love in your future!


Today’s blog is one I am thrilled to share! The time spent with this particular couple was amazing (and all in thirty minutes may I add!). Brent and Derek are two awesome men who are doing fantastic things with their lives! This would explain why we got our shoot done in such a short amount of time (busy bees!). Let me start by telling the story of their love, which is my favorite part of it all!

Brent and Derek met in the Clock Tower Bar in the lobby of the Westin St. Francis. Derek is the Senior Director of Field Visual for Gap Brand North America. Explains their impeccable style, am I right? Derek was traveling on business trips to San Francisco a few times a month, and Brent was a General Manager at the Mulberry Store in Union Store. Their run-ins became more frequent when Derek came into town and soon their romance was undeniable. In fact, Brent started to join Derek on his work trips, one of the first being their trip to Tokyo and Seoul. After about a year and a half of a long distance relationship, Derek decided to move to San francisco to be with his love full time where they bought their first home together! Since then, these two have traveled to every single continent expect for Antartica, with more trips planned for the future! How amazing is that?!

This couple amazes me with their passion for life and love for one another. I know that it is often hard for couples to maintain an intense work-life balance, and have time for their partner, but it isn’t stopping these two! They often accomplish their work goals with one another which is pretty powerful. They are truly nurturing towards one another and just being with them for an afternoon had me falling in love with their love! Did I mention their shared-love for fashion, I mean, look at these two! World travelers, extremely fashion-forward, and starting a new chapter of their already exciting life: marriage! I am so excited for their journey mostly because, from the looks on their faces, I could feel their excitement as well, it was contagious.

For their engagement session, they wanted a desert vibe that could incorporated the visual aspect of the desert. We were all thinking that traveling to the windmills would be a great place in Palm Springs for a quick, bright session, before their flight back to San francisco, as they were in between vendor meetings that day. They had a vision that was perfect, and their fashion definitely made their photos that much more beautiful. It was only fitting having our session in Palm Springs as they are getting married in May at the Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs, a place where I love to photograph as well, for a destination wedding.

So yes, it is possible to have an engagement session in just thirty minutes! And yes, the session will be filled with memories that will last a lifetime. Congrats to you, Brent and Derek! Thank you for your creative eyes as we decided where to take your engagement photos, your fashion skills made the session even better. Another engagement session that has me feeling the love between the soon to be partners.


When shooting an engagement session, it is important that I capture a couple’s love. Feeling a connection with the couple that I am shooting for. It is amazing how many unique and inspiring, loving couples I can form bonds with in the short amount of time. One of my most favorite things to see on camera, is the authentic smiles of the bride and groom to-be diverted from a laugh while sharing the whole experience together. Brianna and Adrian made this engagement shoot full of love and bliss— as it should be!

The photos for this session were taken at Baloboa Park, which is an amazing park in San Diego that consists of multiple gardens, museums, and pretty amazing architecture!     Also, it is HUGE. How do I know that? We took a two hour tour of Balboa Park to find the perfect spots to showcase Brianna and Adrian’s one of a kind love. There were endless amounts of beautiful, uniquely crafted areas to choose from to take plenty of shots and admire while doing so! I can definitely say that this location in particular, is one of my favorite locations to take pictures. It seems that each time I visit, I find it more spectacular. It truly is worth the trip, everyone—especially with good company like these two! They are a couple of bubbly-romantics that cannot help but broadcast their love to anyone around them. Brianna’s goofy sense of humor alongside her fun-loving groom-to-be (who ADORES her), is a sight worth capturing! One of the things that made these two so much fun to be around was that they were not afraid to go to the most obscure places of the park in order to get the perfect shot. They are an adventurous bunch, and I love it! Brianna and Adrian’s daughter, Ariana, also joined in on the fun! It is wonderful having the best parts of a couple’s life be a part of their session, as it showcases their family and love that they have for one another. I love having children, dogs, parents, and loved ones come along for photo sessions! It is fun to get some shots of a couple with the ones that they love. The more the merrier! It seems that being surrounded by what you are comfortable and familiar with will make the entire process easier as well.

After our shoot, we went to La Jolla Cove to watch the sunset. Oh, what a beauty that was! Following each engagement session, I like to take my couples out for dinner to break bread and get to know each other even further! This has become one of my favorite parts of every engagement session. The amazing people I get to meet every day are what make my job more than worth it for me. Raise your hand if you love your job too! What I have learned from the wonderful people I get to work with is when you are enjoying yourself, lasting relationships can form and you will both get something out of it. (Besides the photos you get to look back on for the rest of your life) That is the lasting memories that come along with it, too!


Happy blog love Wednesday everyone! I am writing today to tell you all of a lovely couple I had the pleasure of working with! Not only were they creative, quirky, and oh so in love, but they were also incredibly unique (As you can tell by their fun photos)! Before I tell you all a little more on their Elopement session, let me give you some background on what makes these two so special!

Their love story defines the term: “meet cute.” If you have not heard of the term meet cute it’s literal definition is: a fictional scene, typically in film or television, in which a future romantic couple meets for the first time in a way that is considered adorable, entertaining, or amusing. This word is especially fitting as they met at an improv class at University of Santa Barbara. Stephanie admits she had a crush on Bob since week four of the class. “It was like high school,” She mentioned. She asked him out for coffee and to his surprise, going out for coffee was actually a date. That coffee date, turned into even more dates, and eventually became countless amounts of happy memories between them both. It has been five years since their life-changing improv class together, and they have now been engaged for two years! They have continued following their dreams as Bob does casting and sketch comedy directing and Stephanie is an actress and designer. They love being creative together and seeing movies at the Beverly Theatre, along with living a life in the happiest of ways.

Immediately after meeting Stephanie and Bob I grew more excitement to capture their elopement session! They stayed at the L’Horizon Hotel in Palm Springs. It was essential that we show their cool and unique personalities through their photos so we got pretty creative with our shoot. First off, we took photos in a place many people may not even know existed! One of Stephanie’s interests is cacti, so we took a trip to the Moorten Botanical Gardens, which is actually the world’s only “cactarium.” The cactarium is right in Palm Springs. How cool! Here we saw a happy bride, and a loving groom who made the shoot as fun as the location was! In the photos, notice Stephanie’s amazing Anthropologie dress paired with a beautiful statement belt. The belt was actually made by her, so to all you DIY brides out there, it is possible! These two exude a fun-loving and creative vibe, and it is amazing how it can brighten a room. We took advantage of the amazing colorful scenery of Palm Springs, because, come on, look how excited these two are to be husband and wife! While getting to know Stephanie and Bob even more, it was easy to tell how much they love their pup! So, we decided to include his cuteness for a few shots as well! Their dog is part of their family and it is adorable to see them together. We traveled along various places in Palm Springs and even the desert.

This Elopement session left me feeling extremely excited to share such a wonderful and adorable story of two lovebirds that decided to tie the knot! It is people like these two that can be a happy reminder that love is truly, all you really need.


Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Hillary, a woman that embodies the term “girl boss”. Not only does she spend her days owning and operating boutique hotels in Montana, but she is also an awesome fashion blogger as well! Did I mention she is doing it all while being pregnant with her baby girl? Yes, she does it all. We decided to collaborate creatively and that means Hillary had the chance to fly out to Palm Springs for a fun weekend getaway filled with capturing the type of girl boss she really is. She used Flytographer to book her session with me.

During our lifestyle session, we took advantage of many beautiful and unique qualities that Palm Spring has to offer. We made the trip down to the Saguaro Hotel and took advantage of the very colorful and vibrant hotel that overlooked the Palm Springs Mountains, officially known as the San Jacinto Mountains. One of the amazing things about not only California, but Palm Springs in particular, is the post modern vibe that the city has to offer. It seems that everywhere you go, there are simple yet extraordinary pieces of architecture and nature that can completely allure a person. It is clear that the combination of the many wonderful works of nature, along with Hillary’s amazing fashion (talk about a fashionista), called for a session that could really show off the adventurous, bright, and beautiful mother to be!

Let’s not forget that we took advantage of one of the many perks of taking a vacation; relaxing by the pool. Hillary is showing off exactly why she is a respected fashion blogger as she rocks her ADORABLE black ShopBop swimsuit while poolside. As she is expecting her baby girl soon, a much needed “me time” by the pool was in order. Her photos show her fun, bubbly, and carefree self, that I can tell is not just reserved for vacation, and I love it!

Lifestyle sessions give me the opportunity to work creatively with so many wonderful individuals, such as Hillary. It is exciting to have the chance to combine our own individual styles and end up with something quite wonderful; not only the pictures, but the memories to reflect back on. The journey included going to many amazing places I never thought I would embark on, to forming unforgettable bonds that one would not think you could get in such a short amount of time. How fortunate I feel to be able to connect with such wonderful people through my job! Three words to describe my experience with Hillary? Fun, Venturesome, & Fabulous!


Recently, I had the pleasure of capturing Evelyn and Ralph’s baby-moon in one of the most beautiful destinations. We had the opportunity to visit the one and only, Korakia Pensione Hotel. This was their last big milestone before they are due to have their baby, Olivia. Let me tell you all, I was very excited to shoot at this elegant, romantic, and breathtaking spot. The Korakia is one of the many locations in Palm Springs that can capture organic love with the help of many qualities and amenities available in the hotel. From their gorgeous giant Moroccan doors that sweep you into their lobby, or the waterfall feature that take away the noise of everyday stress.
This hotel feels like an oasis getaway, you forget you are in the desert landscape!

I was particularly excited for this session because from previously speaking with these soon-to-be parents, I could feel their excitement. When I met Evelyn and Ralph, it was obvious that true love was in the air. The way that Ralph looked at Evelyn, like the only women he has ever loved. These two are going to be the most loving, caring, and energetic parents. It is evident, that Ralph is going to be a very hands-on dad to their baby Olivia. It is refreshing to see such a positive and supportive role from a soon to be father. The Korakia brought out a of romantic, comforting feeling for these two, as they are about to embark on an incredible journey as they have their first baby girl!

It is couples like these two that make my job so rewarding. While I’m capturing this special time in both of their lives I can start to envision the type of happiness they will have in their future, and that is the best part of it all. Baby Olivia is in for an amazing journey with some pretty down to earth, light hearted parents. Their excitement and dedication to one another is contagious to anyone in the room with them. Baby-moon sessions are a time where we get to capture intimate photos that they can look back on and remember exactly how they felt in that moment in time. These photographs are a memory that they can also share with their daughter someday! The Korakia in Palm Springs was the absolute perfect place to capture their love. Evelyn and Ralph, thank you for including me in your precious baby-moon session, and sharing your love through my photos. I am excited for more sessions like yours where love is evident and can only grow stronger as time goes on!